How to Properly Evaluate Solar Panel Installation Company?

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Want to go for solar panel installation? Look for the top solar panel installation companies in your area and maximize your return on investment. It’s no doubt that purchasing solar panel is a solid investment. Hence, you must select the right one. However, you should not make quick decisions in this regard. This is because the market is flooded with installers who claim their services to be the best. If you do not have the knowledge of what to search for, you may be overwhelmed with all information. You have to do thorough research for properly evaluating a Solar Panel Installation Company and choosing a well-informed selection of the installer. Let’s check out a few tips for properly evaluating solar panel installation companies.

§ Inspect MSC Certificate – The solar panel installation company should be MSC certified. The installer must be contended by MSC. However, if the installer is not certified, you will not be qualified for the feed in tariff and get payment. Hence, it is extremely significant for your installer to be MSC Accredited. Usually, a competent installer of solar panel is a member of Renewable Energy Assurance Limited or Solar Trade Association. Moreover, you must be aware of who will do the actual installation of a solar system for your home. In case it is a subcontracting company, you should ensure that they are accredited by MCS.

§ Look whether the Installers are willing to visit home – The Company you are hiring should have installers who will be willing to visit your home. The installer should have the time to provide information pertaining to the aptness of solar panels for your home. Furthermore, you can expect suggestions about the process of saving energy and about how much energy efficient your home will be. In case the installer you are depending on is not willing to evaluate the specific requirement for your home, you will perhaps not be getting the best installation.

§ Request references – You should ask the solar panel installation company to give you the reference of the previous customers. Check out the testimonials of the clients if possible. Make a research on the installer. If the company is having experience, the staff should not shy away from showing testimonials and giving references. Friends and neighbors can be an ideal source for the recommendation. If possible, communicate with previous clients for finding out the perfect way of dealing with installation at your home.

§ Find out the assurance of the equipment – You must be aware of the kind of assurance of the equipment. Usually, the average warranty that comes with solar panels is around 20 years. However, if you find that the warranty is for a shorter time period, you can assume the quality of the panel to be lower. Inverters and storage batteries offer a limited guarantee of around 10 years. Moreover, installers offer a workmanship warranty for a minimum period of 1 year.

§ Get Quotations from minimum 3 companies – Do not forget to get quotes from minimum 3 companies. Furthermore, the cost of installing solar panels should be customized for your specific requirements. You can then compare quotes and think about what should be included in the price. Many installations may require scaffolding or extra work on the roof. You must include these facts in your quote or else, you may have to pay more than what you see in the quotation. Ask the solar installation company whether any extra work needs to be done which is not included in the quotation. In such a manner, you can be sure whether you have to make any other payment or nor in addition to the price stated in the offer.

§ Be careful about sales strategies – You should be aware of sales strategies practiced by the installers. The installation companies providing quality products and services will not adapt by high-pressure strategies to make your purchase their products. It’s normal that some installers will offer you some discounted offers to compel you to make a quick decision and buy a product. Nevertheless, these decisions can cost you in the long run. In case a company is offering you a quote, it is putting customers under pressure for making a sale. So, the best option is to avoid such company.

So, a number of factors are responsible for evaluating a solar panel installation company properly. Weigh up all these considerations and find out the right installer for your solar panel. It is significant to invest time into research in advance, in order that you can communicate with the installer on equal terms. Follow these simple tips and make the right decision about solar panel installation (

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