Picking the Most Appropriate Solar Panels for Your Needs

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Besides the global awareness over energy conservation or environmental harmony by using natural sources of power, for the common man reducing recurring costs of electricity is a crucial consideration when they go for natural energy like solar power. The most important thing about solar energy is that you do not need to worry about any expense or use limit as this power derived from sunlight is absolutely free and unlimited. There is only a one time investment on solar panels and equipment which is very low compared to the huge savings that the user can make by accessing the free power for years.

Basic considerations

Before you go all out to make your home smart with solar energy there are three most important considerations that you must attend to. First of all, think whether your home gets enough sunlight for most part of the day or most part of the year. The source of solar energy is nothing but pure, unobstructed sunlight and so your house needs a good exposure to sunlight. The second most important thing is concerning the size of the roof.  Is the roof of the house appropriate in size, shape or other technical aspects to hold solar panels? To find an appropriate answer to this query you may need to let experts from a reputed solar equipment company survey your roof. The third and most practical of all considerations are concerning the calculation of your power savings. Does it really worth the investment or to put it in different words, will this save enough electricity cost appropriate for investing on solar panels? You need to calculate your recurring electricity expense and calculate the cost over a longer period of time.

Make sure you are advised by the right professionals

When deciding to go solar you need detailed advice from professional solar experts from a contractor company. Professional experts make your job simple by advising you the right solar lamp post lights and panels perfect for your home and electricity needs. A certified contractor company with a reputation and satisfied clientele would be ideal to seek advice.

How big a panel you want to go for?

How much energy is required to meet your electricity needs will be deciding factor for the size of the panel. More your consumption volume of electricity is bigger the size of the PV panel you need. On an average 1 to 5 kilowatt PV systems are enough for most home and office requirements of electricity. Depending upon the size of the panel you need appropriate measurement of sun exposed roof area to produce uninterrupted solar power for your home or commercial premise.

Orientation and tilt of the panel for more exposure to sunlight

Every area on earth does not get same amount of sunlight and the share of exposure to sunlight further varies between seasons and various times of the day. The solar panel must have highest exposure to gather most sunlight all through the day and seasons and a perfect orientation and tilt is important for this. For example, in northern hemisphere the optical placement of the PV panel would be different than that of southern hemisphere. Roof angle and surface condition is another constraint that may require tilting the panels accordingly for better exposure to sun rays all through the day and across the seasons.

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